Magnetically Tunable Chirality in 2D Liquid Crystalline WS2 Nanocomposites. (arXiv:1804.04745v1 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci])

//Magnetically Tunable Chirality in 2D Liquid Crystalline WS2 Nanocomposites. (arXiv:1804.04745v1 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci])
By Benjamin T. Hogan, Yulia Gromova, Evgeniya Kovalska, Alexander Baranov, Monica F. Craciun, Anna Baldycheva

The first observation of tungsten disulfide liquid crystalline nanocomposites in dispersions of liquid phase-exfoliated flakes is demonstrated in a range of organic solvents. The nanocomposites demonstrate significant birefringence and reconfigurable optical chirality as observed in the linear and circular dichroism measurements respectively. Under an applied magnetic field of +/-1.5T the chirality can be switched ON/OFF, while the wavelength range for switching can be tuned from large to narrow range by the proper selection of the host solvent. In combination with photoluminescence capabilities of WS2, this opens a pathway to a wide variety of applications, such as deposition of highly uniform films over large areas for photovoltaic devices, as shown here.

Published in: "arXiv Material Science".

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