The singular density of states and the two Fermi wavevectors resulting from a ring-shaped or “Mexican hat” valence band give rise to unique trends in the charged impurity scattering rates and charged impurity limited mobilities. Ring shaped valence bands are common features of many monolayer and few-layer two-dimensional materials including the III-VI materials GaS, GaSe, InS, and InSe. The wavevector dependence of the screening, calculated within the random phase approximation, is so strong that it is the dominant factor determining the overall trends of the scattering rates and mobilities with respect to temperature and hole density. Charged impurities placed on the substrate and in the 2D channel are considered. The different wavevector dependencies of the bare Coulomb potentials alter the temperature dependence of the mobilities. Moving the charged impurities 5 $AA$ from the center of the channel to the substrate increases the mobility by an order of magnitude.

Published : "arXiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics".