We explore the possibility of using van dar Waals bonded heterostructures of stacked together 2D bilayer black phosphorus (BP) for nanoscale device applications. The electronic property of BP in AA stacking and 90{deg} twisted is studied with density functional theory. Further, we study the homogeneous nanojunction architecture of BP to use its anisotropic properties. Using the first principle simulations along with NEGF approach, we calculate quantum transport properties of the nanojunction setup. The interlayer directionally dependent current characteristics are explained in different setups. Our result revealed that 90{deg} twisted nanojucntion device would be a potential rectifier despite having no p-n junction characteristic only due to the intrinsic anisotropy of the material, making tunneling between armchair- and zigzag-directional BP sheets asymmetric.

Published : "arXiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics".