Author(s): Fang Wang (王芳), B. Zhou (周斌), Huimin Sun (孙惠敏), Anyang Cui (崔安阳), Ting Jiang (姜婷), Liping Xu (徐丽萍), Kai Jiang (姜凯), Liyan Shang (商丽燕), Zhigao Hu (胡志高), and Junhao Chu (褚君浩)Atomically thin materials hold mutative electronic transition properties by virtue of the inevitable strains adding to the lattice distribution. A quantitative approach and clear systematical verification have seldom been presented to effectively illustrate the substrate-induced strain along the lat…[Phys. Rev. B 98, 245403] Published Wed Dec 05, 2018

Published in: "Physical Review B".