Misfit strain is inevitable in various heterostructures like the graphene/MoS 2 van der Waals heterostructure. Although the misfit strain effect on electronic and other physical properties have been well studied, it is still unclear how will the misfit strain affect the performance of the nanomechanical resonator based on the graphene/MoS 2 heterostructure. By performing molecular dynamics simulations, we disclose a misfit strain-induced decoupling phenomenon between the graphene layer and the MoS 2 layer during the resonant oscillation of the heterostructure. A direct relationship between the misfit strain and the decoupling mechanism is successfully established through the retraction force analysis. We further suggest to use the graphene/MoS 2 /graphene sandwich heterostructure for the nanomechanical resonator application, which is able to prevent the misfit strain-related decoupling phenomenon. These results provide valuable information for the future application of the graphene/MoS 2 heterostructure in the nanomechanical resonator field.

Published : "arXiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics".